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Building a Career Pathways System: Promising Practices in Community College Centered Workforce Development

This report describes how community colleges can implement career pathways, the process of building partnerships with local and regional institutions and how states can initiate and support the career pathways model.

This report recommends steps for evaluating and continuously improving pathways programs.

The report provides step-by-step instructions for building career pathways on the regional level and discusses how state-level officials can support regional efforts.

Supporting the Education Pipeline

This report provides a toolkit for community-based organizations and nonprofits to engage business leaders across the K-Career Continuum. 

Career Pathways: A Strategy for Transforming America’s Workforce Education Systems to Support Economic Growth

This issue of The Progress of Education Reform, sponsored by the Education Commission of the States, features four recent reports by Workforce Strategy Center (WSC) that make the case for implementing career pathways systems as one solution to the problem of system misalignment.