Workforce Strategy Center is one of America’s most experienced nonprofits working to strengthen the nation’s economy by producing a prosperous and globally competitive workforce.

Using the latest emerging technologies and platforms, WSC collaborates  with education, workforce development, and economic development organizations to develop strategies and innovative solutions that help students, workers and employers succeed in a rapidly evolving and disruptive economy. WSC has helped over 25 states increase workforce competitiveness and develop economic growth initiatives As an applied think tank, WSC provides a forum to test new ideas and conducts research on effective strategies to advance the field of education, workforce and economic policy and practice.


Using a futures thinking approach that includes foresight and insight by identifying technological signals and trends, we help education, workforce development and economic development organizations develop resilient and aligned strategies that lead to sustained action. As a result, these organizations are better positioned to support their stakeholders in a future of work and learning that is highly disruptive and volatile. Our services include:

Consulting and Advising

WSC advises clients that seek to align education, workforce development and economic development policies and practices.  Using our tested foresight-insight-action approach, WSC experts work with clients to plan and implement sustainable regional workforce development systems that are grounded in data and driven by employer demand. 

Strategy Management and Program Evaluation

WSC helps clients ranging from foundations to policymakers manage workforce development initiatives such as structuring initiatives, administering funding, managing operations, and evaluating outcomes.

Convening and Facilitation

WSC and its team of experts organize and conduct virtual institutes, forums, conferences and workshops designed to facilitate high quality dialogue around effective workforce development strategies. These new innovations and policies are shared through a variety of digital media channels.  

Writing and Research

As an applied think tank, WSC’s publications present evidence on the impact of successful initiatives that lead to effective policies and practices in the workforce development field.

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Hope Clark

Executive Director

Hope Clark is a thought leader in work + learn research, policy and practice. She is passionate about helping individuals develop future skills to thrive in a shapeshifting work + learn landscape. Her talents include combining foresight and research insights to create equitable futures for all learners, especially working learners. Her specific area of expertise is translating complex data and research theories to design and develop practical solutions that provide the greatest impact and opportunity for positive change. 

Hope served in a variety of technical and leadership roles over the course of her 20+ years working with local, state and national non-profit, government and think tank organizations in the workforce development and higher education marketplace including Institute for the Future’s Work + Learn Futures Lab, Innovate + Educate, ACT, Inc and the ACT Foundation, the State of Indiana’s Workforce Development Department, the Central Illinois Workforce Development Board, Goodwill Industries of Metropolitan Chicago and Southeastern Community College. 

Hope received her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Northern Illinois University and completed the Executive Leadership program at the Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa. Hope’s philosophy and approach to solving problems is to embrace chaos and disruption to uncover new insights and translate those insights into action. She enjoys making new 

connections and discovering novel technologies that empower people to experience meaningful and satisfying life journeys. Her full digital portfolio, including notable accomplishments and publications, can be found on her LinkedIn.



Julian L. Alssid

Chief Marketplace Engagement Officer, SocialTech

David E, Brown

Senior Associate, Annie E. Casey Foundation 

David Jenkins

Senior Research Scholar, Community College Research Center, Columbia University 

Aaron J. Polak

Founder, Aaron Polak Law

Julie Strawn

Principal Associate, Abt Associates